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  • Trade and Market for Minerals, Metals, Oil and Gas : Dynamics and Determinants
About the Book

A book to appreciate the forms of mineral, metal, oil and gas trade is a long due. At a time when there is a scramble for the non-renewable resources among the countries and the industries across the world, a book for a sound understanding of the subject needs little emphasis. Moreover, in the areas of business studies the importance of such trade is only beginning to be felt. This book is a modern treatise on the subject of trade and market of minerals, metals, oil and natural gas. The book has a total of 20 chapters. The contents of the chapters in addition to the preface and introduction are: industry structure, commodity market, barriers to trade, cartels, role of currency, coal trade; resources and supply of oil, investment and uncertainty, risk, forecasting; maritime trade; metal, gold and scrap trade; effects of disaster on trade and social development needs of trade .The last chapter is a comprehensive glossary on the subjects dealt.

About Wide Research Group

Wide Research Group (WRG) is a Collective of experienced researchers, practitioners, domain experts and administrators promoted by Wide Educational Products and Services (Wide EPS) who work towards clarifying the challenges of the industry and academia with an objective to fill the current gaps with clarity, within its capacity, and academic purpose. At a time when there is a severe dearth of educative material on trade of mineral, metals , oil and gas-in the face of intense competition, uncertainty and evolving concentrated nature of such businesses, the effort of WRG, with this book, is to promote a modern pedagogic knowledge in the area. Like all other books WRG decides on the assemblage of experts -chosen on the basis of the expertise to build a project of a document preparation. It encourages voluntary groups interested in such works.

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Wide Educational Products and Services. 7/1/1, Samar Sarani (At Radio Galley on Dumdum Road, Near Dumdum Chiriamore) Kolkata � 700002, West Bengal, India. Phone : (033)25468733 / Fax : (033) 25468733 Mobile : 09339682179 / 09007744212. Email : Web Site :


Book Contents :

1. Preface. 2. Introduction. 3. Industry Structure, Supply-Demand and Stake Holders. 4. Global Metals and Fuels Commodity Markets : Dynamics of Change. 5. Commodity Exchanges and Barriers to the Development of Mature Mineral Trade. 6. Cartels: Minerals, Oil, and Possibly of Gas in the Future. 7. Role of Currency and its Fluctuations on the Dynamics of Mineral and Oil Trade. 8. Effects of Merger and Acquisition on Price and Trade Facilitation. 9. Nature and Dynamics of Coal Trade. 10. Resources and Future Supply of Oil. 11. Structure, Uncertainty, Risk and Return from Oilfield Assets. 12. Forecasting Short-Run Crude Oil Price Using High and Low-Inventory Variables. 13. Investment and Uncertainty in the International Oil and Gas Industry. 14. Oil Prices and Maritime Freight Rates. 15. Aspects of Sea-borne and Riverine Transportation Related to Trade of Minerals.16. Metal Price Cycles of Boom and Slump. 17. Macroeconomic Determinants of Gold Trade. 18. Steel Scrap and Non-Ferrous Metal-Bearing Waste Recycling: Trade and Markets. 19. Effects of Natural and Human- Error Generated Disasters on Mineral Trade. 20. Social Development Needs to Promote Investments in Trade.21. Glossary. 22. References and Bibliography.


Editor Wide Research Group
ISBN 9788190904353
No. of Pages 484 + 20
Publishing Year(s) 2011
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Trade and Market for Minerals, Metals, Oil and Gas : Dynamics and Determinants

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