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  • Land Acquisition and Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Management : Manual For Resource Intensive Core Industries
About Book.

The book begins by the processes linked to the alliance, merger and acquisition as evidenced by the research literature and case studies. It follows up with the issues and effects of due diligence, metrics, financing, legality, IT integration, regulation and performance etc. among many others. The book also has a chapter on the glossary of terms and an appendix on Indian regulations in merger and acquisition.

About Wide Research Group :

Wide Research Group (WRG) is a Collective of experienced researchers, practitioners, domain experts and administrators promoted by Wide Educational Products and Services (Wide EPS) who work towards clarifying the challenges of the industry and academia with an objective to fill the current gaps with clarity, within its capacity, and academic purpose. At a time when there is a severe dearth of educative material on trade of mineral, metals , oil and gas-in the face of intense competition, uncertainty and evolving concentrated nature of such businesses, the effort of WRG, with this book, is to promote a modern pedagogic knowledge in the area. Like all other books WRG decides on the assemblage of experts -chosen on the basis of the expertise to build a project of a document preparation. It encourages voluntary groups interested in such works.


About Author

Jayanta Bhattacharya is the Professor and Head of the Department of Mining Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Among other things, he was awarded three prestigious fellowships namely Monbusho (Japan) Research Fellowship, BrainPool Senior Scientist Fellowship (South Korea) and Helmholtz Association Research Stipendiary (Germany) for his outstanding contribution in research .He has more than 120 publications out of which many are highly cited all over the world. He has five more books to his credit and they are: Quality Control and Management: Methods and Practices in the Mineral Industries, Global Corporate Environmentalism, Disruptive Innovation: Strategies for Enterprise Growth, and Corporate Social Responsibility: Ethical and Strategic Choice. He has edited a number of conference proceedings and monographs. This book is his commemorative offering on the completion of mineral quality awareness programme for the industry that he initiated 15 years ago.

Book Review.

This book coming from a respected teacher of mine will be of immense help to all the ever learning students, like us, of business Mr. Shailendra Mohan Jha CFO, Mather and Platt, India. I found the book very comprehensive, well written covering all topics in an articulate manner. Mr. Ashish Bhagat DGM Finance HCL Comnet Limited. It is an excellent book. A first book to cover Indian cases, legal and taxation issues,etc. A Must for strategic management professionals and academics Prof. Dr. K. K. Guin, Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT, Kharagpur I strongly recommend this book to be referred to all management school, Prof. Malani. Army Institute of Management, Fort Williams, Kolkata. Only book that discusses innovation, leadership, legal and taxation issues of Alliance, Merger And Acquisitions Prof. K. Mukherjee, Management School, ISMU, Dhanbad. A good companion book on strategic a management of Alliance, Merger and AcquisitionsProf. (Anonymous), Globsyn School of Business, -Kolkata. " This book is even required for the engineering professionals connected with Business. A first book that puts research findings first ,does not put heresy things" L. K. Ray ,Country Head, Joy Division P&H Joy Mining Equipment India Ltd.

Book Contents.

1. The Roots and Nature of corporate social responsibility 2. Business benefits from CSR 3. Designing Strategic CSR 4. Performance Reporting 5. Occupational Health and Safety 6. Environmental Management Plan 7. CSR in Action in the Field and Local Legitimacy 8. Hazardous Waste Management 9. Tribal and Indigenous tourism development 10. Forests in India 11. Indigenous People and Co-management: Realizing Conflict Management Opportunities 12. Community Sensitive Environmental Management System (EMS) and Its Performance Assessment (EPA) 13. Post Displacement Distress and CSR sensitivity 14. CSR investment management 15. Understanding rural politics, protests and actors 16. Pain of Unmet Expectations and Symptoms of Depression among Project Resettlers 17. Land Acquisition Methodology vis-a vis Understanding Local Sensitivity 18. Haryana Land Acquisition Model 19. The scheduled tribes and other traditional forest Dwellers(Recognition of Forest Rights)Act ,2006 20. Authorities and Procedure for Vesting Forest Rights 21. The scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes (Prevention of Atrocities ) Act, and objections to the Act

Editor Wide Research Group
ISBN 9788190904346
No. of Pages 300 + 14
Publishing Year(s) 2010
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Land Acquisition and Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Management : Manual For Resource Intensive Core Industries

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