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  • Regulatory and Community Requirements of Industrial Project Clearance Mining, Oil & Gas, Steel, Aluminum, Cement Industries and Other Core Sectors
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At this point of time there are about Rs.50,000 crores (or more than 11 billions of dollar ) worth of proposed industrial projects are held up in the quagmire of legality, regulatory bindings, community demands, and political machinations, etc. There are many grey areas where management skill, stewardship, innovation, sense and sensibility can pull one project ahead of the other. Environmental and community concerns are foremost in the considerations of project clearance. Example setting is a winning way in the process. There is also one area of regulations, more difficult than other hosts of clearance, where the scope of maneuverability is very little - forest clearance. While the major delays in the forest clearance is procedural and administrative this is also a process that demands clarity among the proponents. All these are adding up to why there is a need to understand regulatory and community requirements of environmental clearance. This book is current treatise on this subject, on the aspects and concerns spelt above.

About Wide Research Group :

Wide Research Group (WRG) is a Collective of experienced researchers, practitioners, domain experts and administrators promoted by Wide Educational Products and Services (Wide EPS) who work towards clarifying the challenges of the industry and academia with an objective to fill the current gaps with clarity, within its capacity, and academic purpose. At a time when there is a severe dearth of educative material on trade of mineral, metals , oil and gas-in the face of intense competition, uncertainty and evolving concentrated nature of such businesses, the effort of WRG, with this book, is to promote a modern pedagogic knowledge in the area. Like all other books WRG decides on the assemblage of experts -chosen on the basis of the expertise to build a project of a document preparation. It encourages voluntary groups interested in such works.


Chapter 1: An Update on Selected Regulatory and Technical Provisions of Project Environmental Clearance Under Indian Law : Reference to Rules, Acts and Standards. Chapter 2 : Environmental Clearance of Projects. Chapter 3 : Role of Indian Bureau of Mines in Industrial Projects Having Aspects of Mining with Particular Reference to Integrated Projects. Chapter 4. Terms of Reference from the Ministry of Environment and Forest. Chapter 5. The Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006. Chapter 6. Procedure for Diversion of Forest Land (Government of India, Ministry of Tribal Affairs). Chapter 7. Recent Memorandums and Circulars Related to Environmental Clearance. Chapter 8. Selected Provisions Related to Environment Clearance of Industrial Projects Under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 (29of 1986), the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, the Indian Forest Act, 1927 (16 of 1927), the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 and the Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2003. Chapter 9. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Regional Environmental Impact Assessment (REIA) AND Environmental Management Plan for Projects. Chapter 10. Example : MOEF Site* Inspection Report (* Names Changed). Chapter 11. Principles and Design of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs for Environmental Clearance : Emerging Regulatory Requirements. Chapter 12. International Guidelines Having Legislative Implications for Applying Protected Area Management Categories. Chapter 13. Progress and Evolution of Selective Global Environmental Lad Cooperative Federalism. Chapter 14. Selected Amendments Influencing Project Environmental Clearance .

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Wide Educational Products and Services 7/1/1 Samar Sarani, (Radio Galley, Near Dumdum Chirimore,on Dumdum Road) Kolkata -700002. West Bengal ,India, Book Price per copy :--Rs. 4500.00 / US$ 110.00 / � 97.00

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Publishing Year(s) 2011
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Regulatory and Community Requirements of Industrial Project Clearance Mining, Oil & Gas, Steel, Aluminum, Cement Industries and Other Core Sectors

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