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  • Guidance for Solving Environmental Challenges of Mining, Construction, Processing and Oil and Gas Fields Projects.
About the Book

Minerals Industry that include minerals and oil and gas, in its value added in upstreams as well as in infrastructure and constructions contribute to the range of 10-16% of any country’s annual Gross Domestic Products (GDP). The sector has been-under increased focus-due to heavy investment possibilities and resulting employment generation that are quite resilient to downturns, industrial cycles and recession. At the same time this industry, in its huge diversity and complications, attracts attention from the environmental regulators. NGOs and the public due to visible and perceptible pollution. For an industrial developer, the projects performance becomes critical in the face of above dynamics.

While the demand for a book-dealing with such issues has remained high and topical for long, this book would surely fill the gap by bringing in the regulatory engineering and management aspects of environmental control for the projects.

About Author

Jayanta Bhattacharya is the Professor and Head of the Department of Mining Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Among other things, he was awarded three prestigious fellowships namely Monbusho (Japan) Research Fellowship, BrainPool Senior Scientist Fellowship (South Korea) and Helmholtz Association Research Stipendiary (Germany) for his outstanding contribution in research .He has more than 120 publications out of which many are highly cited all over the world. He has five more books to his credit and they are: Quality Control and Management: Methods and Practices in the Mineral Industries, Global Corporate Environmentalism, Disruptive Innovation: Strategies for Enterprise Growth, and Corporate Social Responsibility: Ethical and Strategic Choice. He has edited a number of conference proceedings and monographs. This book is his commemorative offering on the completion of mineral quality awareness programme for the industry that he initiated 15 years ago.


This book has been authoritatively written by world renowned experts like Prof. S.P. Banerjee, Ex-Director (Acts), ISM Dhanbad; Prof. J. Bhattacharya, Head, Dept. of Mining Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, Prof. I. Dube, Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property & Law, and many other distinguished experts. They deal with the issues related to clearance, design, engineering, inspection and management of core engineering projects. This book is a must-read for students and professionals in mining, construction, processing, and oil and gas fields. -- Prof. Soumitra Singh, Superintending Engineer (Environment), South Eastern Coalfields Limited, Bilaspur

Book Contents

� Understanding Environmental Policy Instruments in Relation to Business: Developing Statue. � Regulations are Good Tools for Achieving Environmental Excellence In Mining Sectors. � A Review of the System of Environmental Clearance of Mining projects in India. � Legislative & Clearance Procedure for Captive Mining of Coal. � Environmental Clearance of Mining Project: Concepts & Procedures. � Corporation-NGO-Government: From Conflicts To Co-Operation. � Corporate Governance Related to Indigenous Community: Special Reference to Mining. � Environmental Challenges, Mitigation, Control and Containment of Pollutants for the Oil and Gas Industry. � Environmental Impacts of Mineral Processing Projects and their Management. � Basic Design Aspects of Tailings Disposal Facilities. � Surface Subsidence. � Analysis of Different Methods and Mechanisms of Acid Mine Drainage Treatment- A Review. � Reclamation Practices in Surface Mines: Issues and Considerations. � Rock Slope Stability. � Loose Mine Waste Dump: Planning, Design, Construction and Layout. � Aspects of Mining Workers Safety at Workplaces. � Development of Post-Mining Landscapes and Economic Regeneration Efforts: A Case Study. � Understanding the Art of Negotiations: A Necessary Skill in Environmental Clearance. � Considerations for Revitalization of Local Economy in Active and Abandoned Regional Mine Areas. � Separating Oil from Wastewater Necessity, Processes and Methods. � . Legality and Skill in Environmental Report Writing for Project Clearance.

Author Prof. Jayanta Bhattacharya
ISBN 9788190904308
No. of Pages 425 + 18
Publishing Year(s) 2009
Weight 1.192 Kg.

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Guidance for Solving Environmental Challenges of Mining, Construction, Processing and Oil and Gas Fields Projects.

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