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  • Contracts, Contractors and Contract Workers: Issues in Project Execution. Volume-I

About the Book

Globalization is presenting contractors with opportunities, but with various significant challenges, to compete internationally. Contractors compete internationally for many reasons including to the increase long-term profitability, to balance growth and to mitigate the cyclical impact of demands in established markets. There is a need for firms to evaluate their business strategy in terms of methods of competition. Strategic decisions are made in respect of project selection and determination of bid price. With limited response time to different sets of bidding opportunities, contractors need to strive for projects that put them at an advantage in terms of pricing efficiency.

Chapter Content:

1.Owner-Contractor Relationship in Projects
2.Understanding the Framework of Principal-Contractor Relationship in Contracts
3.Theory and Understanding of Organization in Project Contract Management
4.The Factors Affecting the Contract Workers Workplace Behavior and Performance
5.The Essence of Owner-Contractor Collaboration in Capital Project Delivery
6.Final and Binding Power Clauses of Construction Contracts in India
7.Factors Affecting Contractors’ Risk Attitudes in Construction Projects
8.Contract Workers' Perceived Status and Stigmatization: A Modeling Framework
9.Impact of Organizational and Contract Flexibility on Outsourcing Contracts in Information System Function

Editor DUT, Netherlands. CCS, Netherlands. PwC, UK and ISER, UK.
ISBN 978-81-909043-11
Publishing Year(s) 2015

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Contracts, Contractors and Contract Workers: Issues in Project Execution. Volume-I

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