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  • FINANCIAL ENGINEERING Multimedia Multiformat DVD

1 Tutorial Introduction to Financial Engineering
2. Tutorial Notes: Quantitative Risk Modelling
Financial Engineering Principles
Practical Methods of Financial Engineering and Risk Management
Chapter 2 - Building a Yield Curve  
Chapter 3 -Statistical Analysis of Financial Data
Chapter 4 - Stochastic Processes
Chapter 5-Optimal Hedging Monte Carlo Methods
Chapter 6 - Introduction to Credit Derivatives
Chapter 7-Risk Types, CVA, Basel III, and OIS Discounting
Chapter 8-Power Laws and Extreme Value Theory
Chapter 9-Hedge Fund Replication
Investment Management
Short Sale
Investment Management: Portfolio Diversification, Risk, and timing Fact and Fiction
1. Frameworks in the Financial Engineering Domain An Experience Report
2. An Agent-based Model Approach to Assessing Risk Events for Hedge Funds
3. Summary report on the progress made in financing and implementing financial engineering instruments co-financed by Structural Funds.
4. "EP Perspective on today's regional policy and the relevance of financial engineering instruments" 1 to 5. Finance and the Role of Financial Engineering in the 21st Century.
Case Study
1. Cases in Financial Risk Management
2. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Application of tagging services for term analysis on visual plane in financial engineering.
Overview of Financial Engineering.
Transportation Asset Management Case Studies.
Engineering Financial Safety: A System-Theoretic Case Study from the Financial Crisis.
The Life Profitability Method (LPM): A financial approach to engineering Decisions.
The spatial characteristics of global property investment in Seoul: A case study of the office market.
Technical Expert papers.
Associating stock prices with web financial information time series based on support vector regression. 
Comparing the forecast ability of alternative quantitative models: a trading simulation approach in financial engineering.
Comparing the forecast ability of alternative quantitative models: a trading simulation approach in financial engineering.
Stimulating growth amid recession: Entrepreneurship, innovation, and the Keynesian revolution.
Modified kernel regression estimation with functional time series data.
On Correlation between RMB Exchange Rate and Real Estate Price based on Financial Engineering.
Spline estimation of functional coefficient regression models for time series with correlated errors.
Supply of capital and capital structure: The role of financial development.
Financial innovation: The bright and the dark sides 28.
Interim equipment shutdown planning for a wafer fab during economic downturns.
The cultural economy in recession: Examining the US experience.
The impact of the economic downturn on libraries: With special reference to university libraries.
The Treasury Bill Rate, the great Recession, and Neural Networks Estimates of Real Business Sale.
Threats in a downturn.
Allocation of short-term jobs to unemployed citizens amid the global economic downturn using genetic algorithm.


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