Known for their love for books a common Icelandic ( Icelanders are the happiest community of the world) saying: "Better to go barefoot than without books."

1. Daniel Goleman
i. The Future of Leadership
ii. Social Intelligence and Leadership
iii. Emotional Intelligence
2. Ken Blanchard
i. Leading at High Level
3. John. P. Kotter
i. Change Management Vs. Change leadership
ii. The Importance of Urgency
4. Ronald Heifetz
i. The Nature of Adaptive Leadership
5. Alan Mulally, Ford
i. Leaders Must Serve with Courage
6. Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones
i. Why Should Anyone Be Led By You
7. John Connolly
i. Leadership in Challenging Times
8. Gareth Jones, LBS
i. What Do People Want from a Leader
9. Warren Bennis
i. Emotion & Judgement
10. Robert Thomas
i. Learning Leadership
11. Jim Collins
i. From Good to Great: What Difines a Level V Leader
ii. Charisma, Schmarisma: Real Leaders are Zealots
12. Bill George
i. Authentic Leadership and True North
ii. Unique Life Stories of Leaders
13. Deborth Ancona
i. The Four Capabilities of Leadership
14. Andrew Pettigrew and others
i. The Role of Tomorrow's Leaders
15. Leadership at IBM
i. THINK : A forum on the Future of Leadership
16. Comments on Bob McDonald, Procter and Gamble
i. The Servant Leader
17. Denice Kronau
i. Women and Leadership
18. Indra Nooyi
i. Leadership Qualities
19. Scott Price, Walmart Asia
i. Leadership Lessons from Crisis Response
20. Linda A. Hill
i. Where Will We Find tomorrow's Leaders.


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