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  • Foundations in Basic Engineering for All Engineers Vol.1 DVD



1. Centrifugal Pump Working.
2. Centrifugal Pump Design Aspects.
3. How to Read a Pump Curve?
4. Pump Selection.
5. Types of Pump Impellers
6. Centrifugal Pump Principle: Part 1.
7. Centrifugal Pump Principle: Part 2.
8. Centrifugal Pump Principle: Part 3.
9. Fixed Displacement Piston Pump.
10. Variable Displacement Piston Pump.
11. Submersible Pump.
12. Cavitation.
13. Cavitation.
14. Priming and Self-Priming Pumps.
15. How to Prime Your Water Pump?
16. Centrifugal Compressor Principles.
17. How to Prime Your Pump?
18. Why Hydraulic Pumps Fail & How to Prevent Pump Failure? Compressors
19. To Choose an Air Compressor.
20. 12V Air Compressor.
21. Principle of Mechanical Refrigeration.
22. Industrial Ventilation: A Practical Overview.
23. High Volume Air Conditioning.
24. Working Principle of Air conditioner.
25. How Air Conditioning Works?
26. Air Conditioning of Big Buildings.
27. Air Conditioner be Used to Produce Heat?
28. Reciprocating Compressor.
29. How air Compressors Work?
30. Air Compressor - Intake & Exhaust.
31. Rotary Screw Air Compressor Principle.
32. How to Choose an Air Compressor?
33. How to Set up Air Compressor Air Piping?
34. Understanding Dynamic Compression.
35. Dynamic Compressor. Valves, Flow Control & Applications
36. Basic Hydraulic Schematics.
37. Types of Valves.
38. Flow Control Methods.
39. Flow Control Valves.
40. Check Valves.
41. Check Valves.
42. Check Valves.
43. Actuators.
44. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Units.
45. How Hydraulic Ram Works?
46. Accumulators.
47. Hydraulic Press.
48. Pascal's Law and Hydraulic Brake System.
49. Directional Control Valves.
50. Pressure Relief Valves.
51. Pressure Relief Valves.
52. Pressure Regulating Valve.
53. Counter Balance Unloading Brake Valves.
54. Digital Control Valve.
55. Mounting a Digital Valve Controller.
56. Solenoid Valve.
57. Poppet Valves.
58. Flow Moving Poppet Valve CFD.
59. Motor Open Column with Twin Poppet Valves.
60. How Five Port Four Way Valve Works Air - spring?
61. 4/3 Hydraulic Valve Operation and Maintenance.
62. Rotary Valve.
63. Oiling Rotary Valve.
64. Rotor Valve Care.

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Foundations in Basic Engineering for All Engineers Vol.1 DVD

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