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  • Foundations in Basic Engineering for All Engineers Vol.2 DVD


A. Principles of Electricity
1. Principles of Electricity (Part - I)
2. Principles of Electricity (Part - II)
3. Ampere's Law.
4. Faraday's Law - Lenz's Law.
5. Voltage, Current, Electricity, Magnetism.
6. Current and Voltage.
7. Voltage, Current and Resistance.
8. Electric Circuits - Basic Theory & Ohm's Law.
9. Basic Electricity - What is an amp?
10. Debunking the Popular myth that it's not the volts that kill you.
11. Series and Parallel Circuits.
12. What is Voltage?
13. Kirchhoff Voltage Law.
14. Kirchhoff's Rules -Simple Example.
15. Kirchhoff's Law Part 1.
16. Kirchhoff's Law Part 2.
17. Kirchhoff's Rules(Laws) Worked
18. Solenoids-Electromagnets.
19. Resistors in Parallel.
20. Capacitors in Series.
21. Capacitors in Parallel.
22. Right Hand Rule.
B. Electrical Equipment
23. Motor and Generators.
24. AC and DC power.
25. Electric motor Assembly.
26. Induction Motor.
27. What is an Inductor?
28. Induction Motor, Stator Coils.
29. Delta to Star Transformation.
30. Star - Delta Starter.
31. Transformer.
32. How Transformers Work.
33. Electrical Transformer Tutorial.
34. Electrical are Flash Caused by overloaded Transformer.
35. Asynchronous Induction Motor.
36. DC Motor - How is it made? How is it works?
37. Induction Motor: How it works?
38. Why 3 Phase Power? Why not 6 or 12?
39. Single-Phase induction motor.
40. How does a 3 phase Induction motor work?
41. Inside an Inverter Generator, Car Alternator, AC.
42. How do you make electricity from Coal?
43. Switchgears.
44. Switchgear.
45. What is a Circuit Breaker?
46. Circuit Breakers Animation.
47. Low Voltage Switchgear Are Flash.
C. Plans and Safety
48. How Power Plants Work?
49. Hydroelectric Power - How it Works.
50. Nuclear Power - How it Works.
51. Power Plants' Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution.
52. Anatomy of a Distribution System.
53. What's inside a wind turbine?
54. Introduction to Electrical Safety for Facilities 1.
55. Introduction to Electrical Safety for Facilities 2.
D. Power Factor
56. Power Factor Correction.
57. AC Power & Power Factor.
58. Power Factor Correction Explanation.
E. Fuse
59. Electrical Fuse Burning with Increasing Current. 60. How to Replace Fuses and Reset Breakers.
F. Relays
61. Electrical Relays. 62. How Does A Relay Work? G. Bus Bar 63. Bus bar Installation. 64. Arcing Between Bus bar and Breaker - Heating and Melting Plastic.

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Foundations in Basic Engineering for All Engineers Vol.2 DVD

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