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  • Geological and Mining Reports of Underground Metal Mining. Volume - II

About the book

Geological and Mining Reports of Underground Metal Mining in Volume I Volume II is a compilation of reports by different firms and organizations, currently dealing with different aspects of underground mine engineering. The reports are chosen on the basis of best practices in different fields of underground mining engineering. The reports also lay focus on the current research and development in the areas of underground mining engineering, globally. This two volumes set provides the most current research and developments in the field of geological and mining engineering .Viewed in an integrated manner for the practicing engineers, the reports provide a holistic picture of engineering for the earth resources.

About the Contributors

The contributors to these two volumes are a posse of firms and organizations that do geological services, consulting, mapping, mining and researching on different aspects of mineral resources development.


Chapter - 7:- Decline Opening and Calculations by the Software 3d Studiomax in Trepca Mine in Stan Terg Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy, Mitrovica, Kosovo. Chapter 8:-Mining-induced ground deformations in Kiruna and Malmberget :LKAB, Swede. Chapter - 9:- Underhand Cut and Fill Mining Practices Hard Rock Mines in the United States : NIOSH and Others. Chapter 10:-Underground Mining Methods and Applications : Atlas Copco, Stockholm, Sweden. Chapter 11:- Support in underground Hard Rock Mines : University of Toronto, Canada and Golder Associates, Canada. Chapter 12:-Geomechanical evaluation of caving macro-block options at Chuquicamata Underground Project in Chile : SRK Consulting, Engineers and Scientists. Chapter 13:-Geotechnical Data Management Using Acquire Workflows and Data Integrity : Golder Associates Ltd. and SRK Consulting, Vancouver. Chapter 14:-Kimberlite Sills and Dykes Associated With The Wesselton Kimberlite Pipe, Kimberley South Africa : Department of Earthscience, University of Bristol and SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc. Chapter 15:-Characterization and Empirical Analysis of Block Caving Induced Surface Subsidence and Macro Deformations. Chapter–16:-MonitoringOpen StopeCaving at Goldex Mine. Chapter-17:- An Integrated Approach for Managing Diesel Emissions Controls for Underground Metal Mines. Chapter–18:-High Stress Mining Under Shallow Overburden in Underground U.S. Stone Mines. Chapter 19:-Fire Response Preparedness for Underground Mines

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Geological and Mining Reports of Underground Metal Mining. Volume - II

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