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  • Global Safety Legislation for Mining of Minerals Oil & Gas - Part I

About the book
Investments in mineral, oil and gas properties are being globalized. Foreign investments are driving adoption of new mining practices from abroad. The safety architecture and regulatory practices would also call for adoption and adaptation. Such exchanges will usher in well-rounded developments because in terms of legislation, it would be very likely that every country will try to capture the best parts of each legislation for its citizens-making the workplaces safer, more equitable and ethical. And it is now beyond doubt that safety brings limitless benefits to individuals, community and larger society.
More importantly, legislation for mining of minerals, oil and gas has never been a discourse of expansive discussion among the professionals and academia. WRG believes the time for such discussion, had it been before could be better-nonetheless, has come now as globalization would eventually lead us to that..

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Global Safety Legislation for Mining of Minerals Oil & Gas - Part I

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